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Wellness & Health Promotion

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Wellness and Health Promotion

Wellness and Health Promotion staff works with the entire Bi-County Health Department staff and community partners to assess health needs in Franklin and Williamson Counties.  Once the needs are identified, the staff provides intervention strategies to address these health problems through programs, education, public information, and/or community collaboration.  In 2017, the community needs assessment identified the following health problems as most pressing in Franklin and Williamson Counties:
  1. Chronic Disease: Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, Diabetes and Cancer Focus
  2. Behavioral Health: Substance Abuse Focus
  3. Obesity
Wellness and Health Promotion staff provides education and works closely with the Franklin/Williamson Healthy Communities Coalition and Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network, to encourage healthier lifestyle options. Staff ensure that the three leading health priorities are a focus of these community partnerships.
General Wellness and Health Promotion Resources:

Get some great information from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute:

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