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Private Water Supply Program

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Our counties have an extensive municipal supply of water, thus our agency’s focus primarily is on private water supplies. The potable water program is provided to protect the people of Franklin & Williamson counties who obtain water from a private source, such as a cistern or well.  The purpose of this program is to protect Individuals who consume water from a private source  from contracting & transmitting waterborne diseases.    tapwater.jpg

  • Our department has a written agreement with the Illinois Department of Public health to act as an agent to conduct the private water program.  We conduct water supply inspection in accordance with the Illinois Water Well Construction Code & the Illinois Water Well Pump Installation code.
  • Request for inspections or sampling pertaining to any existing water supply shall be evaluated regarding its public health significance.
  • A permit is issued prior to construction on any new well after determining if it is in compliance with the Illinois Water Well Construction Code & all new wells are inspected.
  • Water samples collected by our department are submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health laboratory for analysis.
  • Suggestions are made to correct unsafe water supplies.
  • Sealing of abandoned water wells are regulated by our department.
  • Educational material is provided to the public upon request.

For more information or to schedule a water test for a well or cistern you may call the Benton office at 618-439-0951 or the Marion office at 618-993-8111 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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