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Lead Testing & Counseling

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What is Lead Poisoning?

leadcarel.jpgLead poisoning is a condition caused most often by eating lead paint chips or breathing or eating lead dust.

Lead is especially harmful to infants and children 6 years of age and younger because their small bodies absorb lead more easily than an adult’s does.  Lead poisoning can slow a child’s development and cause learning and behavior problems.  Even small amounts of lead can damage your child’s brain, kidneys and stomach.

Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department conducts lead poison testing on children who are between 1-6 yrs of age and are residents of Franklin or Williamson County.  The medical card will cover the cost of the test.  For those not on the medical card, see the health department's Current Fee Schedule for pricing.

Walk-in clinics for a lead screening/ test are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our Marion office location and Tuesday and Thursday at our Benton office location.  Both locations conduct clinics from 8-11 and 1-3.  To prepare for your lead screening appointment, please read the Notice of Privacy Practice. Then print and complete the Consent and Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices.

For more information about lead poisoning and how to prevent it visit and Pregnant Women and Lead Poisoning.

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