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Individual and Home Preparedness

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Take action now to prepare your household for emergencies!  We have made it more convenient and easier for you to take steps now to make your household better prepared.  The free planning and preparedness resources below, including information specifically for people with functional and access needs, can help you take the first steps to prepare or enhance current household emergency response plans. 

Build an Emergency Supply Kit

Putting together an emergency supply kit is a good place to start household preparedness efforts.  An emergency supply kit is a household resource, that can be valuable in a variety of emergency situations.  Minimally, your household emergency supply kit should contain at least three day's worth of supplies.  But to be better prepared for even longer periods of time you may consider stocking a 5-7 day or even a 14 day supply kit.  Click on the link below to learn more about the types of supplies to help your household in times of emergencies.

Complete an Emergency/Communication Plan

An emergency plan, family emergency plan, or emergency communication plan is a document that pre-identifies important household response information.  This plan can help household members better respond and more effectively locate and contact those individuals identified in the plan, after an emergency.  Although emergency plans differ from household to household, many share comment elements, for example, out-of-state emergency contact numbers, designation of home and other evacuation meeting places, etc.  Click on the link below to learn more about emergency plans for your household.  The site contains emergency plan templates that can be reviewed, downloaded, and printed (see "Family Emergency Plan" or "On-line Family Emergency Plan").

Health Information Card

For individuals with certain medical conditions it is helpful, and could be life-saving, to document important health information before a disaster happens.  Click on the link below to review and print a Health Information Card: 

"Surviving Disasters" Booklet

Click on the links below to learn about and prepare for a variety of disasters; first link is the booklet (English version), the second link is the booklet (Spanish version).   

Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza (Flu) Preparedness

Seasonal and pandemic flu can potentially have a significant impact on human health.  Every year in the United States over 36,000 people get sick and die as a result of illness from seasonal flu.  Although pandemic flu does not recur on a yearly basis, like seasonal flu, in instances of severe pandemic influenza up to 30 - 40% of our population could experience illness or choose to stay home to care for sick family and friends.  Click on the link below to access information from the website to learn about ways to protect yourself and your family.  


Preparedness Resources for People with Functional and Access Needs

People with functional and access needs can take action to plan and prepare for emergencies.  In addition to general preparedness information and resources presented above in this section, other resources specifically for people with functional and access needs are provided here.  Click on any of the links below to access additional information.




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