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Business & Community Preparedness

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Public Health & General Emergency Preparedness                                                                         


Businesses and Communities organizations through education, training and volunteer services have the ability to make each entity safer, stronger, and better prepared in the event of a threat of terrorism, crime, public health issues and disasters of all kinds.  Franklin Williamson Bi-County Health Department (FWBCHD) hosts and plan meetings that provide emergency preparedness information for local businesses and community members. Businesses and communities will learn how to prepare and respond to public health emergencies such as:

  • Seasonal/Pandemic Flu Are  influenza viruses, affecting the upper respiratory system of people.  Pandemic flu is different from seasonal flu, however, as it spreads quickly from person to person, and can produce serious illness, usually significantly more severe than seasonal flu.
  • Other Public Health Emergencies  The CDC and IDPH Emergency Preparedness and Response websites contain a variety of additional public health emergency information. We also encourage you to watch the video Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeve. This video teaches techniques that will help to combat the spread of disease simply by changing the way you cough or sneeze. You can view the video in it's entirety at the bottom of this page.  


  • Special Needs Advisory Panel (SNAP) - Is a group of community and business organizations that meet to address and plan local special needs issues. Some examples of group members would be emergency response agencies, special needs agencies, advocacy groups, and other interested organizations and individuals within our jurisdiction.



Volunteer opportunities are also available through the FWBCHD for business and community members.  When you become a volunteer you help to serve your community in many different ways.  If you have a desire to assist people, a willingness to learn, and want to be involved in a program that helps people in your community, you might consider volunteering with us. For more information about becoming a volunteer click here.


Businesses and communities can do much to prepare for the impact of the many hazards they face in today’s world through a four step process: (1) being informed, (2) have made a plan; (3) ) have an emergency kit ready and (4) get involved before an emergency event occurs. The following links are provided to assist you with beginning your emergency preparedness process:

1.       Be informed    ►                                                  
2.       Make a plan    ►
3.       Build a kit         ►
4.       Get involved   ►   

Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department's emergency preparedness mission is to protect the health and safety of residents in Franklin and Williamson counties by eliminating/reducing the spread of disease and illness as a result of natural or man-made causes.  We appreciate your support and help in serving the community. 







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